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Asdvadzadzin - August 14, 2016

On September 3, 2016, several members of the Yettem Armenian Church Youth Organization (ACYO) had lessons and prepared baked goods for an upcoming Bake Sale on September 11th. ACYO members participating were Alex Torosian, Dustin Vartanian, Elizabeth Torosian,  Melina Peters, Pete Safrazian and David Safrazian. Providing guidance and assistance were Tina Peters, Sandra Vartanian, Nancy Krikorian, Rose Marie Margosian and Debbie Sheklian.

Thank you to Tina Peters and Debbie Sheklian for the pictures.

​​On July 10, 2016, Archbishop Hovnan Derderian paid a visit to our parish and presented Hye Spirit Awards to three of our parishioners. The Hye Spirit Awards were instituted in the Western Diocese in 2005 by Archbishop Derderian to recognize the contributions of members in each of the individual parishes. Previous to this year, thirty of our church members have been recognized.

This year's honorees were Gerard Garoian, George Ouzounian and Neshan Tabibian. 

Gerard Garoian started attending St. Mary Armenian Church in the late 80's after the family moved to the area. Gerard has been on the Parish Council serving as recording secretary and as treasurer many times. Since his retirement, Gerard spends many hours at church doing additional work to reduce bookkeeping costs that were previously spent. He has also served as a Diocesan Delegate.

George has been a member of St. Mary Armenian Church for almost 45 years. George has served as Parish Council treasurer and chairman numerous times. George served on the 75th Anniversary Committee, and the Building Committee for the expansion of the church hall in 1997. In 2007, George was elected Diocesan Delegate and Treasurer of the Western Diocese and served during the construction of the St. Leon Cathedral.

Dr. Neshan Tabibian moved to Visalia in 1987 and has been actively attending St. Mary Armenian Church since that time. Neshan served faithfully as a member of the church choir whenever his busy schedule as a physician allowed him to on Sunday mornings. In recent years since his retirement, Neshan has often led the choir in the absence of Director Carolyn Mikaelian. 

 ACYO Bake Sale September 11th!

Hye Spirit Awards Presented

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February 13, 2016: A new camera system has been installed for broadcasting our church services. The new system allows users to view services on almost any device including Windows based machines, Chromebooks, Android devices, Macs, Smart TVs, Game units, and smart phones. Lenten and Sunday services are broadcast each week for those who are unable to attend in person. To view these services, go to our webpage at and click on the tab "Live Church Camera. On that page, click the link to view the services. You will be re-directed to a YouTube page when services are being held. Clicking the play button in the center of the screen will begin the video stream.