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St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church of Yettem

14395 Ave 384  Yettem, California  93670     (559) 528-6892

Sunday Services:

Morning Service at 9:45 AM

Divine Liturgy at 10:30 AM

ACYO Sports Weekend May 22-24

Diners from far and wide enjoyed another great meal offered by the St. Mary Armenian Church congregation on May 14. A choice of either a barbecued lulu kebab meat patty (ground lamb and ground beef) or a barbecued skewer of chicken kebabs, was the main entree for the 38th Annual Armenian Food Festival which is a major fund raiser for our church. Both entrees are served with salad, rice pilaf, Armenian peda bread and bourma for dessert.

General Chairman, James Soxman, reported that the event was another great success!

Pictures from that day will be posted soon!

     38th Annual Food Festival Held May 14th!

             Preparing for Food Festival 2015

Pictures Courtesy of Alissa (Carlson) Taylor and

                        Debbie and Myron Sheklian

       Yettem Congregation Remembers Genocide of 1915 

In the weeks leading up to April 24 -- the date widely accepted as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day -- Armenians around the world took part in events to pay tribute to the 1.5 million Armenians who were killed at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Members of our Yettem congregation attended several of those events held in the Valley.

However, on Sunday, April 26, a local commemoration was held in the Majarian Hall following church services. The newest organization of our church, Faith of Zion, hosted a fellowship for attendees. The featured speaker was Fresno State Professor Dr. Albert Valencia who talked about the project he has been working on with Father Vartan Kasparian and Father Zaven Markosyan. When completed in about a month, books will be sold to share the story of survivors of the Genocide who were connected to the Yettem community.

A video of "Grandma's Tattoos", a documentary telling the story of a Genocide survivor was later shown. Following the video, members of the congregation were given the opportunity to share personal family stories. The emotional day concluded with a solemn service for the newly ordained saints at the Martyrs' Monument outside of church. 

100th Anniversary Armenian Genocide Commemoration  in Yettem

                                                     April 26, 2015

The St. Mary Armenian Church of Yettem Armenian Youth Organization (ACYO) will again be represented at the 51st Annual Western Diocese Sports Weekend to be held at Buchanan High School (1560 N. Minnewawa Ave.Clovis CA, 93619) . The event, held each year on Memorial Day Weekend, brings together youth from the churches throughout the Western Diocese to not only compete in sporting events, but to gather together to enjoy the company of others while socializing, dancing, and eating. 

Pictures, videos, schedules, score updates and other news will again be posted on this website to keep parishioners and Yettem team fans up-to-date on the Senior Basketball and Senior Dodgeball teams that will be competing this year. 

The schedule so far:

Friday,  May 22

5-6 pm                      Check in of teams and individuals

6-6:30 pm                 Opening Ceremonies

6:30 - 9:30 pm          Basketball Games

               8:10p.m       St. Vartan Oakland (53) vs.  St. Mary 

                                    Yettem (23)  in Senior Basketball​

Saturday, May 23

9-12 am                    Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball and 

                                  individual sports

               9:00 a.m.   Las Vegas (57) vs. St. Mary Yettem (40) vs. -                                                 Senior Basketball

12 pm - 2 pm          Lunch and Priest BBQ

               1:40 p.m.   St. Mary Yettem (3) vs. St. James                                                                     Los Angeles (0) Dodgeball

2:30 pm - 7 pm      Games Continue

              2:30 p.m.    St. Mary Yettem (53)  vs. St. Peter Van Nuys (35)                                         Senior Basketball

              5 p.m.         St. John Garabed San Diego (3)  vs. St. Mary

                                  Yettem (2) in Dodgeball

              5:50 p.m.   St.  Pauil Fresno (63) vs. St. Mary Yettem (27) in                                          Senior Basketball

9 pm - 11 pm          Themed Bowling Night

Sunday, May 24

10 am - 12:30 pm  Divine Liturgy at St. Paul Armenian Church

2 pm - 5 pm           Championship Games

             3:00 p.m.  St. Mary Yettem (3) vs. St. Vartan Oakland (2) in                                          Dodgeball

              4:00 p.m. St. Mary Yettem (3) vs. St. James Los Angeles (0) in                                 Dodgeball

              4:30 p.m. St. Mary Yettem (3) vs St. Gregory Pasadena (1) in                                     Dodgeball

              5:00 p.m. St. Mary Yettem (champions) vs. St. John Garabed                                  San Diego in Dodgeball

7 pm - 12 am         Awards Banquet at St. Paul Armenian Church

                            β€‹St. Mary Yettem are champions in Dodgeball