Poon Paregentan a Big Success!

Preparation has Begun for Armenian Food Festival

Sunday Services:

Morning Service at 9:45 AM

Divine Liturgy at 10:30 AM

14395 Ave 384  Yettem, California  93670     (559) 528-6892

Memorial Wall 

A new column of 4 blocks is available The price is $200 per name.

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Sunday School

Sunday School Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month

St. Mary Yettem Holy Week  Schedule 

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Palm Sunday Services and Activities - April 14, 2019

St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church of Yettem

To view services, go to our webpage at www.stmaryyettem.org and click on the tab "Live Church Camera. On that page, click the link to view the services. A picture of the church will come on followed by a video box. You may have to click the play button in the center of the screen to begin the video stream. To fill the screen, move your cursor to the bottom right corner and click the double arrow. This system allows users to view services on any device including Windows=based machines, Macs, Linux, Chromebooks, Androids, Smart TVs, game units and smart phones.

Palm Sunday — April 14, 2019
9:45 A.M. — Matins & Opening of the Altar Curtain
10:30 A.M. — Divine Liturgy followed by

Children's Blessing, Opening of the Portals
Ways and Means Bake Sale after day's worship

Great and Holy Thursday — April 18, 2019
9:45A.M. — Morning Service
10:30 A.M. — Divine Liturgy commemorating

the establishment of the Sacrament of

Holy Communion
7:00 P.M. — Service of the Washing of Feet
8:00 P.M. — Service of the Betrayal &

Sufferings of our Lord

Good Friday — April 19, 2019
6:00 P.M. — Service of the Entombment &

Solemn Procession at St. Mary Parish in Yettem

Great and Holy Saturday — April 20, 2019
5:00 P.M. — Evening Service, Reading of

Scriptures & Voch Inch Eh Bido
5:30 P.M. — Easter Eve Divine Liturgy

Easter Sunday — April 21, 2019
9:45 A.M. — Matins (Morning Service)
10:30 A.M. — Divine Liturgy followed by Antasdan

(Blessing of the Fields), ACYO Easter Luncheon

following the day's worship