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Honoring Father Vartan's 50th

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Earlier this year on May 27th a banquet was held to honor Archpriest Father Vartan Kasparian’s ordination to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood which took place here in Yettem on September 8-9, 1973. This celebration was scheduled then to fit into the Diocesan calendar and was a beautiful event attended by many to celebrate fifty years of his dedicated service here and in the Diocese as a priest.

On Sunday September 10th, which is the closest Sunday to his actual ordination fifty years ago, Father Vartan has accepted the invitation of St. Mary Parish Priest Mashdots Keshishian and the St. Mary Parish Council to deliver the sermon and message. This is especially significant in many ways and also quite rare that a priest is still active in the same community that he was ordained fifty years later.

Teaching for ten years in the Los Angeles area, John Kasparian began theological studies at Claremont School. In 1964, Bishop Torkom Manoogian, Primate of the Western Diocese, ordained him a sub-deacon. This was followed in 1967 by his ordination to the full diaconate by Bishop Elisha Simonian. From 1967 until 1969, Deacon John served as the Spiritual Administrator at St. James Sacramento and then as pastoral assistant from 1970 until 1972 at St. James Los Angeles.

To further his Armenian and religious studies, Deacon John traveled to Jerusalem where he enrolled in the Armenian Seminary of St. James in 1972. Upon his return to the United States, he was designated as the Spiritual Administrator for both Sts. Sahag-Mesrob Parish of Reedley and St. Mary Parish of Yettem. On September 9, 1973, he was ordained a priest of the Armenian Church by the Primate Bishop Vatche Hovsepian, who renamed him Father Vartan. For the following year, he served as the parish priest of St. Mary Yettem, and as the visiting priest for Sts. Sahag-Mesrob parish. In 1974, he was assigned exclusively to St. Mary Yettem.

Thus, began his long history with St. Mary Yettem that we will again mark on Sunday, September 10, 2023. Please join us!

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50th Anniversary of Father Vartan's


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