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St. Mary Yettem Preparation and Guidelines for Opening

Sunday Services:

Morning Service at 9:45 AM

Divine Liturgy at 10:30 AM

14395 Ave 384  Yettem, California  93670     (559) 528-6892

Father Zaven Markosyan's last Sunday as

Parish Priest in Yettem - May 24, 2020

Sunday School

Sunday School Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month

              Mothers' Day Wishes From Father Zaven Markosyan

Dear Mothers:

Your divine presence in our life is a miracle which works wonders for us each and every day. With your unselfish dedication you preach a pure and unconditional love on earth. You are endowed with the heavenly strength and with the endless love - especially toward your children and family. There is no word we can express for our feelings and love toward you.

It is a mother who gives a birth and perpetually prays for her child. It is a mother who cannot sleep when her child is ill or hurt.  Finally, it is a mother whose spirit is always with her child.

I think all mothers receive an angelic message from above to become a mother like our Holy Mother of God, St. Mary. Mothers all respond with the same words: “Here am I, the servant of the Lord: let it be with me according to your word.” That is why we are not able to explain our thanks for everything you do for us.

We wish you the best and we give you our entire love we have in our hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day. God bless you all.

Rev. Fr. Zaven Markosyan

St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church of Yettem

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Pictures courtesy of Mark Wall, Mark Michaelian, Karon Penny, Myron Sheklian, and family submittals taken from Anniversary Books.

Our Sunday School students have put together a mini video to celebrate Mothers' Day. CLICK HERE to watch!

Announcements for Sunday June 28th::

Thank you to Gina Ananian, Linda Farsakian Wall and Myron Sheklian for the pictures.

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Memorial Wall 

A new column of 4 blocks is available The price is $200 per name.

                                  Message From Parish Council

Your Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information. As most of you might be aware, Father Zaven Markosyan will be leaving our parish at the end of the month to continue his service with the Western Diocese in another parish. Beginning on June 1, Father Zaven will become the parish priest at St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church of Santa Clarita, California. He and his lovely family will be relocating to Southern California in the days ahead.

Following the announcement of the move, a transition plan was developed at the Diocesan level to provide coverage for both parishes. During these past few months, Father Zaven has continued to be with us during the week and on selected Sundays while conducting services in Santa Clarita on other Sundays.

After Easter, our Parish Council began working with Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese to discuss the long-term needs of our Parish. Currently, we do not have a viable candidate to assume the priesthood at St. Mary. Surpazan Hayr will continue to seek out those whom we might want to consider. In the meantime, we have built a schedule that will include visiting clergy, visiting deacons, and our own faithful altar servers who have already blessed us with many beautiful services. All services are live-streamed. Our website at, our FaceBook  page, email blasts and our One Call Now messaging system will be utilized to keep you informed each week.

On Sunday, May 24th, Father Zaven will be celebrating Holy Badarak one last time before making his move to the St. Sarkis community. Originally, our plans were to host a special luncheon following services on that day to celebrate both his and his family’s dedication to our parish. Because of current health and safety measures, services on that day will be without the congregation present and our special opportunity to meet together must be postponed. When it is deemed safe to do so, we will announce a new date to come together.

During this transition period, please note that we will maintain modified office hours. Our church secretary, Sonya Barton will be available by phone at (559) 528-6892 or by emailing I am available by cell phone voice or text at (559) 280-7315  or by landline at (559) 733-4417 or by email at In the event that you need the services of a priest, please contact me and I will make the necessary arrangements that we have pre-prepared.

Our parish will continue to remain strong as we work together to seek a new parish shepherd and work through the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Myron Sheklian

Parish Council Chairman


Sunday School Mothers' Day Mini Video

Celebrating our Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Godmothers

   St. Mary Live on Internet

The Ladies Society Executive Board recognized their members with banners, flowers and cookies this past week in honor of Mothers' Day. Our parishioners are finding creative ways to connect with each other during these difficult times.

Other News

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Father Zaven Markosyan's first Sunday as

Parish Priest in Yettem -August 12, 2012

    Father Zaven Celebrates Last

       Holy Badarak on May 24th

Parishioner Contacts

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your contact information to the church office.

     This Sunday we again will have the pleasure of Der Vatche Hayrapetyan joining us to celebrate the Holy Badarak and deliver the day’s message. Der Vatche has graciously agreed to help us out when his other responsibilities in Southern California do not conflict. To watch the service at home CLICK HERE.
     Following the day’s service, Hokehankist (requiem) services will be conducted for all the deceased fathers of St. Mary Yettem parishioners. If you would like to have your loved ones mentioned specifically, please respond to this email with their name(s) and the names of those requesting the prayers BEFORE Sunday morning at 8 AM.
     Your Parish Council is actively seeking to find a parish priest for Yettem. In the meantime, we are committed to having a priest conduct Holy Badarak at least twice a month. If Der Vatche is unavailable, we will work with Surpazan to have someone else join us. On other Sundays, our Yettem altar servers will conduct a Deacon Service as they have been faithfully doing.
     The July church bulletin will be arriving in your mailbox in a couple of days. Parishioners are also encouraged to check out this website and our FaceBook page on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on information about our church.

On Sunday, May 24th, Father Zaven Markosyan celebrated his last Holy Badarak as Parish Priest of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church in Yettem. Our own Yettem altar servers assisted Father Zaven. Father Zaven was joined by Yn. Adrine on the organ, daughter Maneh in the choir, and daughter Sarah assisting.
Who would have ever thought that Father Zaven's last Celebration of the Holy Badarak as Parish Priest in Yettem would be to empty pews? Fortunately, a couple of hundred were taking part according to web statistics. Father Zaven delivered a special message to parishioners after the liturgy. If you missed it, or want to hear it again,